Some Of The Reasons You Just Can't Do Without A Handheld Vacuum

Many people will argue that the most essential home tool is a hammer or a screw driver. But I by far think it is the small handheld vacuum cleaner, especially for homes that have children in them. The handheld vacuum makes cleaning up an absolute breeze. You don't have to drag the large upright vacuum out three times a day, instead just reach for your handheld.

Quit frankly I think I might have needed the vacuum more than my children ever did. They were always willing to clean up their mess when they made it, but sometimes that would have meant waiting for 30 minutes while they picked up hundreds of cheerios. I honestly just didn't have the patience for all that. I never mind a little mess, but I really do not like it when things are dirty, and hundreds of cheerios getting smashed into the carpet as we try to walk around them, just didn't work for me.

I bought my hand held vacuum on the spur of the moment as I passed it in our local retail store. I wasn't planning on purchasing one, in fact I had never really even thought about it as an option. But once I had my handheld vacuum home I was absolutely in love with it. The vacuum was so easy to just grab and take anywhere in the house.

I used it to vacuum dirt by the back door, cheerios in the living room, cat food that had spilled in the laundry room. I have pretty much used my handheld vacuum to pick up anything and everything that has spilled in my home.

I didn't confine myself to using it in the house either. Instead of paying money to vacuum my car at the local car wash, I just grabbed my handheld and headed out to clean my carpets in my car. It is amazing how much dirt and crumbs a grown man can accumulate in his own vehicle.

My handheld vacuum has really been a time saver for me. I don't waste time lugging out our upright vacuum when I want to do a quick clean up of our home. Instead I just quickly run the handheld vacuum over the dirtiest parts of our home. Within minutes our carpets and floors are looking fabulous again.

If you have never tried a handheld vacuum you will be shocked by how lightweight they are and how easily you can get your housework done when using one of these. You really will cut your cleaning time down and save yourself a ton of stress. Next time you are strolling the lanes of your local retailer, or online, consider buying yourself a handheld vacuum to simplify your life.


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